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Bloxkrieg Update and Fixes Now on Google Play

  • Gaz 

Recently we released Bloxkrieg on Google Play. It worked well on the devices we had tested it on up until that point, and then the next five devices it was installed on all had problems. They were all user interface scaling type issues but we have released a new version with several updates;

  • Changes to user interface scaling and positioning to cater for lower screen resolutions
  • Lowered target API to 22 (Android 5.1) to increase application compatibility
  • Performance enhancements to change block, ball and blocker colour from events rather than per frame
  • Increased the size of the blocker to make it more easily visible
  • Increased canvas target DPI to resolve issue with fonts appearing blurry
  • Added link to Delusional Games website on the splash screen

Let us know what you think!

Give Bloxkrieg a go and let us know what you think in the comments below! We would love to hear what you think of our first game!

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