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Boing! Now Available on Google Play!

  • Gaz 

I have posted about my second game project for the year a few times already. Boing! is a side scrolling game in which you bounce a ball down an alleyway avoiding obstacles to score points. It features a random level generator which arranges a collection of predefined level segments to create an infinite level design that changes every time you play the game.


The ball is a physics simulation but player input (tapping the screen) at the right time will bounce the ball. The strength of the bounce varies depending on how accurately you “bounce” in time with the ball. The game is basically Flappy Bird mechanically, but with a ball instead of a bird.

Boing! Now available on Google Play!
Boing! Now available on Google Play!

After some testing and tweaking to make the game a little more challenging and compatible with both keyboard/gamepad/touch controls, Boing! is now available on Google Play!

This first version is fully working and has 20 different level tiles to choose from when randomly generating the level. I do intend to expand this over time, and maybe even add additional level “themes” which a level theme chosen at random when the level starts. I would also like to implement some obstacles that you go “through” rather than just over.

Like Bloxkrieg, Boing! is ad supported using the Google AdMob library. Also like Bloxkrieg I do intend to release this on PC once I get my head around how an independent developer would go about releasing a game on Steam or similar…

Boing! is now available on Google Play! Give it a go and let me know what you think in the comments below.

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