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What is Bloxkrieg

  • Gaz 

Over the last year I have spent a lot of time learning game development, and specifically Unity as a game development platform. One of the largest hurdles I’ve had is asset creation, I have a software development background so picking up the coding side of game development was not a challenge, however filling my game with unique assets with a consistent look and feel did cause quite a few issues.

After spending a lot of time working on a multiplayer RPG that turned into a mashup of free assets from the Unity store, I went back to basics and started on a game that I knew I could finish.

Bloxkrieg is a physics-based game where a ball bounces around an enclosed space, hitting blocks and causing damage. The ball movement is controlled by a simulation and influenced by the bouncing, which increases velocity. The blocks also have a rigidbody simulation for impact-based movement, allowing the blocks to move out of their spawn locations over the course of a level.

The “New Game” menu in Bloxkrieg

Each ball, block, and blocker can be one of several colors, each with a unique effect when they collide. A red ball hitting a purple block will cause the purple block to immediately explode, while a green ball hitting a red block will cause period area of effect damage to all nearby blocks for several seconds. Power-up blocks periodically spawn and trigger random effects like spawning additional balls, increasing the size of the blocker, closing off the bottom wall, and slowing time.

Blocks are spawned in groups by the level generation system. The system can generate various formations such as vertical and horizontal lines, boxes, and Fibonacci arrangements. Points are scored for destroying blocks, and the next level begins once all blocks are destroyed.

Bloxkrieg is written in Unity and has been tested as a desktop application, web application, and Android game, and will be available on these platforms in the coming weeks.

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